Episode 8 – High Density Experiences

Voice experiences today are fairly linear and shallow with their ability to handle tasks, and guests Felicia and Antoine share how to think about building high density experiences that more closely align with how people actually converse. The technology today already enables us to build these experiences but the techniques for design and challenges of implementation are still making it difficult to build with high density.

Episode 7 – Design for Flash Briefings

As more people have voice assistant devices, the demand for interesting interactions and content is rising. As I talk with Teri Fisher, we look at how the concept of a daily flash briefing is a great opportunity to connect with a community and getting started is easier than you may think.

Episode 6 – Lessons Learned Building Top Skills

After building a few voice apps, Nick Schwab built up a series of extremely popular and well designed sound apps. Through his company Invoked Apps, he shares a lot of interesting tips and practical insights about important lessons learned along the way. For example, simplicity is often the key to a good interaction, but that can make it very hard to create.

Episode 5 – Audio Branding

Voice design is more than just voice, it also includes utilizing audio for branding and enhancing the experience. I’m joined by Eric Seay who has a strong background in music and branding, and we talk about how to bring those tools to the forefront of your voice experiences, from small to large brands and experiences.

Episode 4 – Language Learning Experience

While building a language learning experience, guests Uri Shaked and Daniel Gwerzman share their approach to design, rapid development, and data driven decisions for building a custom action for Google Assistant. They even talk about how they had a sketch artist draw their personas and how they crafted the experience to create a unique and powerful experience.

Episode 3 – From UI to VUI

In this episode of Design for Voice, I talk with Neto Marin of Google about getting into voice experience design and development from a web and mobile development background. We talk about the kinds of things that work best in voice or in web or mobile apps, the differences between the device form factors, and how to make voice, web, and mobile experiences compliment one another.

Episode 2 – Conversational Heuristics

In this episode of Design for Voice, I interview Matt Buck and Lauren Golembiewski of Voxable about three key conversational heuristics they’ve developed for their clients and workshops. These are some well informed guidelines that can help teams build better voice experiences.

Episode 1 – Design is Essential

In the inaugural episode of Design for Voice, I interview Cathy Pearl of Google about how Design is Essential. We talk about how voice is different from other formats, some ways to include design into your process, and how to know you’ve gotten the design right.

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