Episode 15 – Design Tools and Tactics

Anyone learning about building and designing voice experiences needs to have a set of tools and tactics for approaching the design and iteration. In this episode with Braden Ream and Michael Hood, we dig into several of the primary tactics and tools available for designers today, including scripting, flowcharts, and more. You’ll learn about the value of these different techniques and why you will most likely want to utilize more than one in your work.

Braden Ream

Guests – Braden Ream & Michael Hood

Michael Hood is the cofounder and Head of Product at Voiceflow. Braden Ream is the cofounder and CEO at Voiceflow.
Voiceflow is a creative suite of tools to help creative professionals design, prototype, and build voice interfaces and apps. Voiceflow has over 10,000 users, and is backed by True Ventures in San Francisco.

Michael Hood