Episode 2 – Conversational Heuristics

In this episode of Design for Voice, I interview Matt Buck and Lauren Golembiewski of Voxable about three key conversational heuristics they’ve developed for their clients and workshops. These are some well informed guidelines that can help teams build better voice experiences.

Guest – Matt Buck & Lauren Golembiewski

Matt has worked with several high-profile engineering teams in the Austin startup scene over the course of his career. He’s a Google Developer Expert on the Assistant platform, and the CTO at Voxable, a conversational interface agency in Austin, where he directs engineering efforts, building chatbots and voice apps for their clients. He regularly speaks about conversational interfaces alongside his co-founder and fiancé, Lauren.

Lauren’s personal mission is to bring more designers, writers, and UX practitioners into a conversational design discipline. She believes conversational interfaces and platforms have not yet reached their full potential and designers have a huge opportunity to address their user’s needs better through conversational design. As CEO and Co-founder of Voxable, she helps companies and teams adopt conversational design practices and build robust conversational interfaces. She regularly writes, speaks, and facilitates workshops about conversational design.

During the episode we talked about a few types of testing, they were:

  1. Wizard of Oz testing, where someone acts as the bot out of view of a user testing the dialog.
  2. Dialog, where you work on scripts and read them out loud.
  3. Role playing, where you try out more informal examples between two people.

Matt talked about using Moat Boat as a great experience for voice and VR.