Episode 5 – Audio Branding

Voice design is more than just voice, it also includes utilizing audio for branding and enhancing the experience. I’m joined by Eric Seay who has a strong background in music and branding, and we talk about how to bring those tools to the forefront of your voice experiences, from small to large brands and experiences.

Guest – Eric Seay

Co-Founder & CMO of Audio UX in NYC, Eric Seay is part of a team of thought leaders and innovators working to evolve the landscape of sonic branding as we know it. Magna Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music, his major in Music Business/Management and minor in Psychology fueled his passion to integrate psychoacoustics into holistic branding. Together with his team, he is bringing the best parts of his experience in audio branding and combining it with best practice in visual UX to pioneer the field of audio user experience.