Episode 7 – Design for Flash Briefings

As more people have voice assistant devices, the demand for interesting interactions and content is rising. As I talk with Teri Fisher, we look at how the concept of a daily flash briefing is a great opportunity to connect with a community and getting started is easier than you may think.

Guest – Teri Fisher

Dr. Teri Fisher is a Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He is an experienced keynote speaker, educator, consultant, and podcaster, and loves to share his passion for artificial intelligence and voice-first technology. He is the founder and host of the weekly “Alexa in Canada” Podcast and the daily “Voice in Canada” Flash Briefing, which is the #1 rated Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing and News Skill in Canada. He is a leading authority on flash briefings and believes that “briefcasts” are the “prime real estate of Voice.” He is also the Founder and host of “Voice-First Health”, a podcast about the intersection of Healthcare and Voice-First technologies.