Episode 8 – High Density Experiences

Voice experiences today are fairly linear and shallow with their ability to handle tasks, and guests Felicia and Antoine share how to think about building high density experiences that more closely align with how people actually converse. The technology today already enables us to build these experiences but the techniques for design and challenges of implementation are still making it difficult to build with high density.

Guest – Felicia Wong & Antoine Raux

Dr. Raux is the CTO of b4.ai, which he co-founded in September 2017. Until then, he was Research Scientist at Facebook, where he led research and development efforts in Conversational AI. Prior to this position, he worked as a Researcher/Scientist at Lenovo and Honda Research Institute, USA. Dr. Raux holds a PhD in Language Technologies from Carnegie Mellon University, a Master’s Degree from Kyoto University, Japan, as well as an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique, France.

Felicia has an extensive background in product management, having designed and launched a variety of consumer products from Christmas ornaments to smart home gadgets, and now, conversational AI that really works. Her experience with this wide range of products fuels a unique problem-solving lens and a keen focus on user needs and expectations.