About Design for Voice

Hi there, welcome to Design for Voice. My name is Jeremy (I’m the guy on the right pointing somewhere), and this is a personal passion project I’ve been working on to help others learn more about voice design. I’m a GDE for Google Assistant and Web Technologies, so I get to share my knowledge with others in many ways, including this site and podcast.

Selfishly, I get to interview some really smart people and ask them questions I have so someday I can be as good as they are about voice design. Frankly, I love the psychology that underpins voice experiences, and believe that building quality experiences relies upon developing empathy.

I believe that voice computing is fundamental and essential to the future of computing and society. However, for it to get to the point that people feel comfortable with it, we need to level up to the point that it feels truly natural, not creepy, and restrained for the right use cases.

I’m on Twitter @gnomeontherun and if you want to reach out to me, send me a message there.