Episode 10 – Using Story With Voice Experiences

The utilization of story and characterization in voice experiences is highly underrated and a key piece of the development process for the team at Xandra, who share insights into their process and techniques and how they can apply to even individual developers.

Guest – Kevin Dusablon & Danielle Frimer

Kevin has over a decade of experience producing award-winning sound while working on the forefront of creativity and technology. His work has spanned the landscape of entertainment and is always focused around leveraging story, character and innovation to create world class entertainment experiences. His experience with voice and conversational entertainment has been on designing many of the industry’s landmark endeavors, such as: Cortana, The Winston Show, Hello Barbie, The SpongeBob Challenge, and Westworld: The Maze.

Danielle Frimer is an accomplished conversation designer, writer and performer, whose unique blend of artistic and technological expertise has allowed her to forge a singular path in the space of computer conversation. She has designed award-winning conversations for chatbots, smart speakers, video games and Barbie dolls, and believes that embracing new technology while honoring age-old storytelling methods is key to forging valuable, healthy relationships between humans and AI. She leads the conversation design team at Xandra, a conversation design studio based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where she also lives with her dog, Dory.