Episode 9 – Enhancing Voice with a Screen

As more voice devices are built with screens, our voice experiences need to be designed with screens in mind. My guest, Mark Tucker, talks through many considerations and provides tips for how to design and build multimodal experiences that use the screen to enhance a voice experience.

Guest – Mark Tucker

Mark Tucker is an Alexa Champion, presenter, blogger, and software architect. With over 20 years of software design and development experience, he is most passionate about voice-first technology. Mark has created over 30 Alexa Skills performing the roles of architect, designer and developer and has created over 250 screens for multi-modal experiences. He is the organizer of the Phoenix Alexa meetup, creator of the ssml.guru website, and contributor to open source projects including https://github.com/ask-community. He has a BS in Management Information Systems from Brigham Young University. Follow Mark on Twitter (https://twitter.com/marktucker) or his Alexa skill, Voice First Champion.