Episode 14 – Inclusive Voice Design

Voice experiences are extremely difficult to craft in a way that will be truly accessible and inclusive for all users. Problems can arise from things like cultural biases and local colloquialisms, social backgrounds, and accented language and terms, among others. In this episode, guest Diana Deibel joins to talk about how to raise awareness for these inclusive challenges and some tips on how to address them in your voice experiences.

Diana Deibel

Guest – Diana Deibel

Diana Deibel is a Brazilian-American VUI Designer and a Lead Designer at the digital product design consultancy, Grand Studio, in Chicago, leading their voice and future tech initiatives. She’s the founder of the Chicago chapter of the Ubiquitous Voice Society and a speaker at conferences and colleges across the country. This year, you’ll see her at SXSW and SpeechTEK, as well as a few other events. Over the last 7 years, she has led teams in content and VUI design, crafting voice-first omnichannel conversations, modernizing corporate IVRs and creating engaging chatbots.