Episode 4 – Language Learning Experience

While building a language learning experience, guests Uri Shaked and Daniel Gwerzman share their approach to design, rapid development, and data driven decisions for building a custom action for Google Assistant. They even talk about how they had a sketch artist draw their personas and how they crafted the experience to create a unique and powerful experience.

Guest – Daniel Gwerzman & Antoine Raux

Daniel Gwerzman is a Google Developer Expert for Google Assistant and Product Strategy. He is a Google certified Sprint Master and entrepreneur who firmly believes projects should be built using the ‘right technology’, instead of technology ‘driven by skill’. Part of the maker movement and an amateur photographer who travel the world with his family.

Uri Shaked is a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies and The Google Assistant. He regularly writes about Web and IoT related technologies in his blog, and speaks about these topics in conferences and meetup around the world. Among his interests are virtual/augmented reality, hardware hacking, neuroscience, building 3D-printed robots and games, playing music and Salsa dancing.